Titanium Framework

Features for Titanium Framework

  • Titanium has steady chemical property
  • Excellent chemical resistant to most chemical medium
  • It is totally resistant to attack by bodily fluids and chemically inert in all body temperatures. 
  • Without Magnetism,  electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity
  • Titanium is X-Ray radiolucent
  • No dental metallic prosthesis under  MRI artifact 
  • Titanium is also 
  • Titanium is classified as hypoallergenic, and perfect biocompatiblility
  • It is widely used in clinical medicine feilds 
  • It is used as implant, framework and porcelain fused Titanium crowns in dental feilds
  • It is lighter, stabler, more flexible, and biocompatable compared with other alloys

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