Porcelain Fused Metal

Pd-Ag / Pd-Au Alloy PFM Restoration

Palladium-silver alloy restoration is kind of precious metal restoration, the major components are Pd and Ag, as well as other minor metal. Pd-Ag alloy features for its excellent biocompatibility, strength, elastic, good metal bonding strength to porcelain. Pd and Ag both have good ductility and plasticity

Palladium-gold alloy restoration contains Pd, Au, and Ag, can be use to fabricate long bridge. It have good metal bonding strength to porcelain, avoided the gold's softy.

BEGO Co-Cr Alloy PFM Restoration

Strong, durable and aesthetic

  • Component: Co:60.2%, Cr:25.0%, W:6.2%, Mo:4.8%, Ga: 2.9%, etc..
  • Highest effecctive components, all elements equals approximately 100% of the alloy.
  • Has been issued certificate of biocompatibility by International authoritative organizations estimate
  • Cell toxicity, allergic reactions and  mutagenicities was tested under  strict inspecting

Quality Assured

Test in time of 4 years, it shows inferior alloy restorations are prone to be corroded in the environment of artificial saliva. Please chose quality alloy restorations for the heath of you and your family.

Doctor Loren spacialized in alloy restorations emphasis that 

Biocompatibility Test Evrioment:

Artificial saliva: (NaCl: 5.46g, Lactic Acid: 11ml, Water: 1000ml)
Test sample: (Alloy plate measures 30*10*1mm)

BEGO alloy series restorations made by our company could be certified online www.3c2009.com, and each restoration will be issued a Warranty card.

Ti Cast PFM Restoration

Titanium is the most widely used medical metal which implanted in human body in contemporary medical applications, it consist of 80% for the total metal. It is classified as hypoallergenic, can be safely and well bonded to bone structure, epithelial tissues and connective tissue, its the best bio-compatible metal. It also works well in oral environment, apart from fetures mentioned above, Porcelain fused Titanium crowns and frames also have the following advantages:

Reasons to Choose Porcelain Fused Titanium Crowns and Bridges
  • Lightness: Titanium is a light metal, the density is 1/4 of gold, 1/2 of Co-Cr alloy, it lighten the burden of oral tissue, and it is comfortable to be settled in the oral environment.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity & Extremely Corrosion Resistant:Titanium also exhibits very low thermal conductivity, which prevents irritation to the pulp due to high/low temperatures in the patient's mouth.
  • Eliminate Taste Interference:Titanium is extremely stable, it won't present metal-like feels, no taste interference.
  • X-Ray Image Radiolucent : Titanium is X-Ray radiolucent, allowing you to clearly see the pulp chamber under a cemented crown and to diagnose secondary caries without removing the fixed prosthesis. "Clearly", this cost and time-saving feature will be appreciated by both the dentist and patient! 

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